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Unity3d Concepts

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Learn the basics of creating your own games in Unity3d. This is a brand new course that covers Unity 4.XX of Unity3d.

Welcome to the Unity Concepts tutorial series. This Unity3d video course was created from scratch and gives you a thorough understanding of the Unity3d engine. It was designed with the most up to date version of Unity3d currently out (Unity 4.XX).

Learn why Unity3d is great for developing your own games. You'll go over everything from scripting in Javascript to animation to building your game for use on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Linux, OSX and Windows to name a few.

Unity3d can also be used to create mobile apps, not just games and with it's ease of use and powerful features you can get your idea up and running easily. So lets get started now!

What you'll Learn in this Course

Navigating the Unity3d interface
Creating and using Game Objects
Understanding how Physics work in Unity3d
How to create a custom GUI interface with text and images
Sculpting and detailing terrain with textures
Building custom trees using the Tree Creator
Particle systems
How to implement Colliders and Triggers
Dynamic Audio Clips
Interactive Cloth and Joints
Applying Textures and Materials
Simple Javascript Basics
Mecanim Animation system with scripted inputs
Don't forget to check back as this course is constantly being updated with new and up to date content. Hope you enjoy this course, have fun developing with Unity3d!

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