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Complete Kotlin tutorial. Become a professional Kotlin developer for JVM, Android, Browser, and Native.
What Will I Learn?
Learn kotlin from scratch
Make yourself ready for jvm, android, browser, or native development
Want to become an android app developer or develop your own applications using Kotlin? Then, this course is for you. Moreover, you are several steps ahead if you already know Java. After completion of this course you will be ready to build applications for android.
Concept of OOPS in Kotlin, as other languages like Java, C++, PHP, C#, Scala, or Swift
You do not need programming skills, we will start from scratch, heading towards intermediate and then to advanced topics.
Microsoft Windows/Linux/Mac running OS.
JDK + IntelliJ IDEA. We will install JDK + IntelliJ with every steps explained and shown.
>> Develop skills in Kotlin from scratch, become a pro developer and explore the world of software development.
>> Expand your expertise as a JVM/Android/Browser/Native Developer and improve the quality of your code!
>> Write less number of code and get more output.
>> No more null pointer Exceptions and Boilerplate code.
We will begin with very basics and step into intermediate and advanced level so that the beginners get a good grab over the language.
The course goes on as:
* Software Installation on windows and mac.
* Understanding how program flow works in Kotlin.
* Kotlin Tour: Basics and Syntax.
* Kotlin Data Types: Variables and Constants.
* Ranges and String Templates.
* Conditional Statements and Expressions.
* Kotlin Loops.
* Functions.
* Object Oriented Programming(OOP) in Kotlin.
* Interoperability and NULL Pointer Exception.
* Packages and Imports.
* Object Oriented Programming(OOP) Continues.
* Objects and Companion Objects
* Higher-Order Functions and Lambdas: Kotlin as a Functional Programming Language.
* Collections: Arrays, List, Set, and Map.
* Practical Usage of Lambdas in Collections.
* Generics.
* Enum, Nested, Inner, and Sealed Classes.
* Properties and Fields.
* Delegation: Zero Boilerplate Code.
* Coroutines
Once you understand the concept of OOPs explained here for Kotlin, this basic paradigm being same for all other languages, you can master others too! (Java, PHP, C#, C++)
This course will be shaped as you want it to be. There will be more contents based on your reviews and feedback. Help this start reach heights with your valuable opinions.
Who is the target audience?
If you are a complete beginner in programming world.
If you want to switch from Java to Kotlin.
Anyone who wants to learn this awesome programming language.

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