Advanced Task Scheduler是一款多功能的计划任务程序,允许自动执行程序和批处理文件、打开文档和Internet页面、显示提醒事件、播放音乐、关机、重新启动计算机、只关闭显示器、终止正在运行的过程、建立和关闭拨号连接等。Advanced Task Scheduler提供了一整套的计划任务工具,允许多种方式自动运行计划好的任务,如只运行一次、每分钟运行一次、每小时运行一次、每天运行一次、每月运行一次、每年运行一次或者是在打开计算机后的指定时间后运行。
Advanced Task Scheduler Professional / Network 5.0 Build 700 | 55.4/51.6 Mb
Advanced Task Scheduler Professional is an award-winning multifunctional task scheduler, which allows you to automate all your day-to-day tasks. Launch programs and batch files, shut down your system, establish network connections: everything you could want to automate. In addition to all the basic capabilities, Professional Edition allows you to encrypt your settings and task list, assign multiple schedules for each task, use the run-on-holiday function and much more.
Advanced Task Scheduler offers a full set of scheduling tools that allow you to run scheduled tasks automatically, as a one-off, a specified time after system startup, or secondly to yearly. Alternatively, set tasks to run via a hotkey, on computer idle, on network connection being established, on user log-on/off, program start/stop, etc.
Schedule tasks for current user (does not need UAC elevation);
Schedule tasks for all users in the system (installs as Windows Service);
Unlimited number of tasks can be organized in nested groups;
Ability to wake up computer from hibernation/standby before starting a task;
Several shortcuts for each task. All shortcuts executed one by one;
Wide range of task types that can be scheduled;
Control statements which allows evaluating a sequence of shortcuts when condition is true and evaluating a different sequence of shortcuts when condition is not true;
Several schedules for each task. Task is executed when one of the schedule types is triggered;
Wide range of schedule types;
Complex schedule types when each schedule type includes all previous schedule types. For example Daily schedule type includes Hourly schedule type which allows you to run your task hourly only in specified days;
Can be installed as Windows Service;
Compatible with all modern 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems.
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
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