FilmLight Baselight for Nuke 10 / 11 v5.1.10641 macOS | 131 / 134 MB
Bring the powerful Baselight grading toolset directly into the VFX pipeline. Baselight for NUKE enables you to add high quality, complex colour correction to your shots quickly using a comprehensive set of the powerful grading tools and other features available on full Baselight systems.
Maximum Flexibility, Maximum Efficiency
When you’re reviewing VFX dailies with your clients or your team, you don’t have to wait to get graded shots back from the colour suite, or waste time applying a ‘simple’ grade that doesn’t accurately preview the final look. Baselight for NUKE gives you real-world, complex grades right within NUKE, including spatial operations such as shapes, Temporal Degrain and Add GrainGrain, and keyframes for grades that change over time.
By seeing the full grade in context, you can spend time optimising the important factors for a shot and ignore those elements that the final grade would make unnecessary.
This simple, effective workflow is based around the Baselight Grade file (BLG).
Rendering support for Baselight features
Baselight Editions provide a comprehensive subset of features enabling complex looks to be achieved within your VFX suite. However, advanced rendering support for almost all Baselight features is provided within Baselight for NUKE—allowing final delivery of jobs (which may have been graded in a full Baselight system) directly from NUKE.
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