Duration 2h Project Files Included MP4
Easy steps to learn Photo Compositing – Photoshop CC 2018
Learn to manipulate budget indoor syudio photo to high quality outdoor photo of models & products using Photoshop
Beginners Adobe Photoshop knowledge is expected.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later, CC 2018 recommended
You should be able to use PC or Mac in general
You should understand the basics of Photoshop Layers
This is a practical, commercial course – If you are a photographer this course will add a great value to your business. If you are a photoshop artist you can offer this new service to all the budget photographers around the world.
For many beginners shooting in exotic/foreign locations is just a dream, expensive air tickets, crew, hotels is all a fantasy for many many Photographers. This course is for those who shoot good indoor images but have very little to spend on outdoor.
A simple shoot for a fashion/apparel ad poster can cost 1000s even if you travel domestic with your crew, but with this course you can shoot it indoor with absolutely tight budget and place the image on background shot of Paris or London or Bali or NY, and people will not see the difference.
Download rapidgator
Download nitroflare
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cjh810 · #2 · 2018-6-12 06:50:17  回复 支持 反对
学习下 好东西
woods00369 · #3 · 2018-7-4 10:56:29  回复 支持 反对
精品,很好!我喜欢 很受益
83753222 · #4 · 2018-7-15 19:45:11  回复 支持 反对
资源很好。厉害 完整
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