Piano Playing: Reading and Playing Classical Tunes Vol.II
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Improve your reading at the piano while you play classical tunes.
Welcome to this course!!
Would you like to improve your music reading and play piano? In this course you will develop a better reading while you have fun playing classical tunes that would make your learning more meaningful and amusing.
Through 100% practical videos you will learn to play piano while you develop a good study routine. For any pian student is mandatory to always follow a careful process, playing each hand separately and only after you have masterized them you go and play both hands at the same time. In this course we will attach to that and you will learn each hand analyzing what are you playing in order to learn better,
All the classical pieces that you are going to learn in this course have downloadable material included that will make studying offline possible.
Join this course and start playing and having fun while you learn classical tunes.

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