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JavaScript interview, coding interview, software engineer job interview: Nail general and technical interview questions
What Will I Learn?
Get sample answers to the job interview questions
70+ soft skills interview questions will perfectly be explained
A collection of 100+ IT related technical questions is yours to be download
You will be confident and stress free when it comes to the interview
You will stop feeling like stupid when you need to answer the job interview questions
Work on IT field
Programming or engineering work history / experience
Be able to solve any coding exercise but be shy and confused when it comes to soft skills inteview questions
JavaScript interview, software engineering interview or coding interview has just become a piece of cake! Coding interview and javascript interview is now available for you, too!
How is it possible? I know you feel like giving up when it comes to the coding interview or javascript interview questions. You think you will never be able to answer javascript interview and coding interview questions perfectly and this is going to be the reason why you cannot get your dream job.
You are an expert at coding or JavaScript, you must have several years of experience in the field of programming or you can do programming even while you sleep. Even data structures and algorithms in java can't embarrass you. You have just spotted your future job. All the details fit for you but when it comes to answering the questions you stop and rather give up instead of applying because you have no clue what to answer.
This course provides the solution for you!
First, you must be aware of the fact that all coding interview, javascript interview even software engineering interview (including data structures and algorithms in java interview) are made up not only from technical questions but also questions which serve the purpose of figuring out your personality and attitude towards work and teams.
The course include all of these questions with detailed answers and you will have a base and a collection of ideas how to answer these questions when it comes to your dream coding interview or javascript interview or programming job interview.
Questions are like: What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? How do you see yourself in the future?.... and many more embarrasing questions which can cause a lot of trouble if you do not have any clue how to answer.
Moreover you will be able to comply a perfect introduction, so you will know how to introduce yourself during the coding interview, javascript interview or the software engineering interview.
But please do not expect any answers to the technical questions, I assume you are an expaert at your field. I will help you nail the javascript interview, coding interview or the software engineer interview questions by answering the more difficult questions related to your personality and your work morale.
Now it's your turn to enroll and get your dream job by answering perfectly to the coding interview or javascript interview or the software engineering questions!
Who is the target audience?
Those who are preparing to a job interview
Programmers, IT professionals and Engineers who are lack of answers
You if are NOT confident enough to take the interview
You if you have no clue what to answer to "What are your weaknesses?" question
NOT you if you want IT, programming or coding excercises
NOT you if you are looking for a guy explaining codes

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