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You will learn hacking tools, methodologies and techniques. This is a both practical and theoretical step-by-step course.
This training is based on a practical approach of day-by-day situations and it contain labs based on real environments. For the labs, target virtual machines are provided.
The course objective is to help you learn to master the (ethical) hacking techniques and methodology that are used in penetration systems. The course is designed for IT passionate, network and system engineers, security officers.
Below are the main topics, both theoretical and practical, of this course:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Chapter 2: Scanning Networks, Enumeration and Vulnerabilities
Chapter 3: System Hacking
Chapter 4: Sniffing
Chapter 5: Metasploit
Chapter 6: Trojans, Backdoors, Viruses and Worms
Chapter 7: Cryptography
Chapter 8: Penetration testing on Wireless Networks
Chapter 9: Penetration Testing
What are the requirements?
Basic IT skills
Basic knowledge of Linux and/or Windows
Understand basic computer networking
What am I going to get from this course?
Understand and perform the basic steps in order to performa penetration testing of an infrastructure or other computers in the network
Be able to gather information about your target
You will learn how to find open ports your target
You will learn how to find vulnerabilities in your target infrastructure
Exploit found vulnerabilities
Sniff and analyze network traffic
You will learn how to exploit Windows and Linux Systems
Understand and perform attacks using Metasploit
Understand cryptography
Understand the difference between backdoors, viruses and worms. Learn the basics of how to analyse them
Hack wireless networks
Understand the penetration testing process
As a network administrator you will learn how to secure your network
What is the target audience?
Anyone who want to learn the ethical hacking and penetration testing process
Network and Security Engineers
IT students
Anyone who wants to start a career in it security field or as "ethical hacker"

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