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Learn Terraform from a DevOps Guru and Take your DevOps Skills to the next level.
What Will I Learn?
Understand Terraform and Terraform code very well
Understand basic kubernetes deployments with Terraform
Understand advanced terraform topics
Be able to Delpoy scalable Infrastructure in AWS
Be able to create complex Terraform templates
Deploy high available applications in the cloud.
Improved knowledge of DevOps and Infrastructure services.
Be able to manage and deploy kubernetes
Have an AWS account. You can open one for free and I teach how to open one in the course.
A computer running Windows, OSX or Linux.
Knowledge of Git and Linux will be preferred but NOT required.
What is this course about:
Terraform’s rise in popularity with DevOps engineers is based on the principle of infrastructure as code. Terraform allows anyone to free form their whole Cloud infrastructure from the ground up using AWS, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes.
This course teaches those looking to expand their dev and ops roles to include mastery of Terraform as part of their skills repertoire. The course progresses from Terraform fundamentals to advanced usage with instances demonstrating AWS, Kubernetes, Helm, as well as Ansible and Google Cloud. Each section is hands-on and includes videos, demos, and exercises for you to solve to immediately begin automating your own infrastructure as soon as possible.
What will you learn from this course:
Understand Terraform and Terraform code very well
Be able to Deploy scalable Infrastructure in AWS
Be able to create complex Terraform templates
Deploy high available applications in the cloud.
Improved knowledge of DevOps and Infrastructure services.
Understand basic kubernetes deployments with Terraform
Be able to manage and deploy kubernetes
Towards the end of the course, there are two additional sections:
Terraform with AWS: This section really dives deep into using Terraform with many of the popular services provided by AWS. Along the way we explore everything from VPCs to Lambda serverless, explaining how they work and integrate as well.
Terraform with Kubernetes & Helm: This section switches over to Google Cloud and focuses on building a highly scalable MongoDB cluster in Kubernetes. It teaches the basics of Kubernetes and Helm, as well as linking the two together with Terraform.
Why choosing this course?
This course is very hands on, Stefan has put lots effort to provide you with not only the theory but also real-life examples of automate infrastructure using Terraform that you can try out on your own laptop.
Stefan has uploaded all the source code to Github and you will be able to follow along with either windows, MAC OS or Linux.
In the end of this course, Stefan is confident that you will gain in depth knowledge about Terraform and general DevOps skills to help your company or your own project to apply the right infruscture automation strategy and continuously deliver better software.
Why DevOps skills?
Nowadays DevOps engineers are in great demand in the IT industry. Companies are looking for developers who can both develop and deploy the applications.
The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in Silicon Valley area which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer.
Master DevOps Skills means you will be staying ahead in the competitive job market!
30-day money-back guarantee!
You will get 30-day money-back guarantee from Udemy for this course.
If not satisfied simply ask for a refund within 30 days. You will get full refund. No questions whatsoever asked.
Are you ready to take your DevOps skills and career to the next level, take this course now!
You will go from zero to Terraform hero in 4 hours.
Who is the target audience?
Anyone looking to improve devops practices
Beginner cloud engineers
Anyone want to advance with terraform

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