DigitalXModels – 3D Model Collection – Volume 25: ARCADE GAMES
Sadly, there was a major oversight when we produced this 3D model collection. We completely omitted my personal favorite, Millipede! I mean, I’m sure it’s part of the ‘classics’ machines, but still…. it should have had its own presence here. I mean this is Millipede we’re talking about here! Now don’t go thinking I’m old just because of this. Age is just an attitude! Alright, we don’t need to go there…  25 wonderfully detailed arcade machine 3D models, plus ping pong, air hockey, pinball, billiards and more. Everything you need in life is right here.
Formats: .3ds, .obj, .fbx | Textures included | Materials Included
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hesipu · #2 · 2018-8-18 06:41:13  回复 支持 反对
顶 感谢分享 正是我需要的
hg5211314 · #3 · 2018-8-18 06:41:12  回复 支持 反对
资源很好。厉害 完整
840802 · #4 · 2018-9-13 08:48:21  回复 支持 反对
好东西  先收藏了 感谢楼主
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