[Material/素材] Loops de la Creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT

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Loops de la Creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT

Loops de la Creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT

Loops de la Creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2 KONTAKT | 428 Mb
When the original Clap Pack Deluxe was released in 2012, it was highly praised for the natural, organic way the claps were recorded, programmed and triggered. Now the CLAP PACK DELUXE 2 takes this great realism one step further, and offer 13 improved ultra realistic instruments.

Most instruments feature a built-in arpeggiator. With preset patterns and easy to use controls, you will be able to instantly create realistic grooves! Press different keys and use various velocities to perform and improvise rhythms in a very intuitive and organic way. 24 rhythmic multis (nkm) explore the huge potential of the arpeggio, and offer practical basic patterns and complex responsive grooves. The samples in CLAP PACK DELUXE 2 have been recorded over the last 14 years, in various studios, stages and rooms across several continents. What you get is the most impressive collection of organic handclaps and finger snaps in the industry. From totally dry sounds to ground-breaking binaural samples, the library offers 52 folders of beautifully recorded sounds.
循环德拉霜击包豪华2联系我们| 428兆
当原来的一击包豪华将于2012年发布它什么高度赞扬的掌声录,编,并引发了自然,有机的方式。现在拍手PACK DELUXE 2借此伟大的现实主义的一步,并提供13改进的超现实的手段。

大多数仪器配备了内置的琶音器。预设模式和易于使用的控制,你将能够立即创建逼真的凹槽!按不同的密钥,并且使用各种速度在一个非常直观和有机的方式进行凑合节奏。 24节奏的复合音色(NKM)探索琶音的巨大潜力,并提供实用的基本模式和复杂的反应槽。在CLAP PACK DELUXE 2的样品14年havebeen录得超过负荷,在各个工作室,舞台和房间跨越各大洲。你得到的是有机掌声最令人印象深刻的收集和手指在业内卡。从完全干的声音,以突破性的双耳样品中,库提供精美记录的声音52文件夹。
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